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5k Run and 2k Walk against breast cancer

Greece Race for the Cure® 2022

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for breast cancer

The most common

cancer in women

Every year

7772 new cases in Greece

1 out of 7

will develop breast cancer during their life

If diagnosed on time

breast cancer is cured at 97% of times

Basic pillars of operation

We are here for every woman who experiences breast cancer, for every caregiver who needs advice to treat the disease, for every woman that wants to get informed about the methods of prevention and early diagnosis that can save her life.
We are here for you!

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Alma Zois for metastatic breast cancer

Each patient leaving with metastatic breast cancer should remember that “There is no fullstop”. We may support ourselves and take care of our quality of life.



When I support a woman, I get strength too. It is a two way relationship


Alma Zois' Volunteer since 2009

October 2nd, 2022

Greece Race for the Cure®

Join the biggest race against breast cancer in Europe!

  • 5 km Race
  • 2 km Walk
  • Digital 
  • 1goal: No more deaths because of breast cacner

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