Hair donation and wig offering program

for cancer patients

The Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” in collaboration with Pantene and AB Vassilopoulos organizes for the 9th year the hair donation program “Harise Dynami” with the aim of providing wigs to women with cancer who are under chemotherapy.
Your contribution is valuable and gives us the strength to continue for the 9th year!
Together we have managed to collect over 82,400 hair donations and already 1020 women have got their own wig through our program.

(last update: July 2023)

Thank you very much for your intention to donate your hair for "Donate Strength"!

Before proceeding with a haircut, see the specifications for your participation in the program and all the information about how to send hair and how to give strength to women who need it.

Hair Donation Specifications for “Donate strength”

We need hair donations according to the following:

  • Length at least 20 cm.
    Grasp the ponytail with a rubber band and measure the hair just above the band that holds the ponytail to the ends.
  • Without any chemical treatment
    (eg dye, straightener, perm).
    Hair can be dyed with natural dyes, chromo shampoos and semi-permanent dyes. They must not have been permanently dyed or chemically treated in any way to be accepted in the program.
  • Less than 5% white hair.
    We know that you can not measure the exact percentage of whites, however it would be good not to send us gray or completely white hair.
  • Wavy or curly hair is acceptable,
    you can straighten your hair to measure.
  • The hair should be clean and completely dry, without styling products.

How to make a haircut

You can visit any hairdresser to cut your hair or cut it at home.
Attention! There are NO hairdressers contracted / collaborating with the “Donate Strength” program.
There are, however, several hairdressers who, on their own initiative and in consultation with their clients, send hair donations to “Alma Zois”.

  • The hair should be clean, fresh and you may have used conditioner, but not styling products, hairspray or other hair products.
  • Gather the hair on the neck.
  • Create a ponytail and hold it together with a rubber band.
  • Make sure the rubber band is tied tightly to hold the hair after the haircut.
  • If the hair falls out of the rubber band, it will not be possible to use it. You can place a second rubber band around the middle of the ponytail to better hold the hair.
  • Make sure the band is just below where you want to cut your hair.
  • Measure the length of the ponytail from the rubber band to the edges and make sure it is at least 20 cm. Donations of shorter hair can not be used.
    If your hair is not 20 cm long, let it grow long. There is no maximum length limit.
  • Cut the hair just above the rubber band so that the rubber band remains in the ponytail after the haircut and holds the hair. After cutting, do not wash or style the ponytail in any way.
  • Make sure that the ponytail is completely dry.
  • Place the ponytail, as it is fastened with the rubber band and dry, in any food bag that closes and close it tightly.
  • Place the plastic bag with the ponytail in a postal envelope (of any type).

How to send hair

By prepaid courier or by your own means

Send for free

For your convenience, “Donate Strength” provides the possibility of free shipping of hair through a prepaid transport company.

  • Once you have cut and packed your hair, you can fill out the online hair donation form.
  • By submitting the form, you will receive a thank you letter by email for your participation in the program. If you haven’t receveived one, please check your spam folder.

  • After submitting the form, please an ACS store in your area to arrange the day and time they will receive your hair donation, refering the billing code 2ΑΘ232738 with delivery location ALMA ZOIS HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN WITH BREAST CANCER Epirou 11, 104 33 ATHENS, 3rd floor phone 2104180006.

Please check the ACS Partner Stores List: ACS Partner Stores

  • Please, dont forget to keep your voucher

Note: The procedure for free shipping of hair has changed since June 2018 due to the European Personal Data Regulation (GDPR), which requires a written consent for the use / management of personal data. Since then, there is no possibility of telephone notification of the transport company collaborating with “Harise Dynami”. You can see all the Terms and Conditions for using this service here.


Send the hair with your own means

If for any reason you do not wish to use the prepaid shipping company, you can send your hair to the address of the Association “Alma Zois”,

In case of sending via ELTA, a simple shipment is sufficient, it is not required to send the hair in a registered letter.

In case of courier delivery, deliveries can be made at the secretariat of the “Alma Zois” Association, Monday to Friday, 9 am-5pm.

Μηχανισμός δωρεάς μαλλιών


It is important for us to know how your donations are used!

The hair collected is promoted to a wig company, is weighed and their value is calculated.

Alma Zois, with the corresponding price of the hair it sends, subsidizes the purchase of a wig for women with cancer patients under chemotherapy, in order of priority and socio-economic criteria.

The more hair is collected, the more women will be able to get their wig for free and that is why your participation is so important.

Want to get a wig through "Donate Strength"?

The goal of the "Donate Strength" program is to provide a wig to women with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy.
The provision of wigs is done after evaluation of the requests, based on socio-economic criteria.
For the evaluation of the requests, specific supporting documents need to be submitted, together with the explicit consent for the use of the data.

Necessary supporting documents for submitting the application for free wig

  • Certificate from a doctor or hospital stating that the patient is under chemo or is about to start chemotherapy for any form of cancer.
  • Last year tax statement that proves income up to 8.000€
  • Unemployment card if available
  • Photocopy of your ID with a contact telephone number

Procedure for applying for a wig

  1. Fill out the wig application
  2. Send the supporting documents via email to
  3. Evaluation of applications
    The evaluation of the applications takes place within 5 working days. During this time, you will be notified by “Alma Zois” about the outcome of your application.
  4. Choose your wig for free.
    If you meet all the criteria, you will be referred to a store to choose your wig.
    The Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” covers the cost of buying a wig up to 744 € (600 € + VAT).
  5. Let us know!
    After obtaining your wig, please contact us to share your impressions of your participation in the program.
    It is very important for us to improve our procedures and programs and we are interested in your opinion!

Donate Strength - FAQs

Going through the 8th year of the "Donate Strength" hair donation program, we have received many ponytails, a lot of love, strength, but also many questions!
We have gathered the most common ones in order to have a complete information about the program!

Who can donate hair?

Hair can be donated by people of any age, women or men, as long as it meets hair donation standards.

How did the hair specifications come about? Why not accept dyed / short / white hair?

Alma Zois is a patients association and does not set the standards for hair donations. The specifications have been set by a wig manufacturer where the hair is promoted so that hair donations can be utilized. The more the donations meet the specifications, the more women can benefit from the program.

Have I kept as a souvenir hair that I cut many years ago, can I send it?

It is best not to send us hair that was cut many years ago, as storage conditions or other factors can not guarantee the utilization of this donation.

Why should the hair we send be dry?

Many times the hair stays in the plastic bag for several days until it is opened and promoted. Moisture results in the deterioration of the hair, with the consequence that the value of your donation is lost. In addition, damaged hair that is stored with others is likely to result in even more volume and thus the value of more hair donations is lost.

What are the partner hairdressers for the program?

There are no collaborating or contracted hairdressers with “Donate Strength”. You can cut your hair in any hair salon or at home and then send it to the offices of the “Alma Zois” Association.

Can you cut my hair in your offices?

No. Alma Zois is a patients association. It does not employ hairdressers and has no hairdressing outlets. Our offices are for offering psychosocial support programs for women with breast cancer.

How can I donate hair to children with cancer?

We do not know. Alma Zois through the “Donate Strength” program utilizes hair donations to offer wigs to women with cancer, unemployed, uninsured or financially weak. Alma Zois has nothing to do with other hair donation organizations. A simple online search could provide you with info for other organizations that donate wigs to children.

What do you do with the hair?

The hair collected is sent to a wig maker. The hair is weighed and “Alma Zois” Association receives the value of the hair as a donation from the wig manufacturer. It then subsidizes the purchase of a wig at a cost of up to € 744 for women undergoing chemotherapy based on socio-economic criteria.

Can I see the woman who will take my hair?

The way “Donate Strength” works is different and that is why such a thing is not possible.
Patients do not get donor hair, but through hair donations and their value, they have the opportunity to choose and receive free new wigs, which are immediately available. This way they do not have to wait, since the need for a wig in case of chemo is urgent. They get a free wig from a store to meet their immediate need.

Do you create wigs from the sent hair?

The hair that is sent is promoted to a wig company. This takes some time. But the way we help women is immediate as women who are undergoing chemotherapy lose their hair in a very short time. The goal is to meet their need for a wig immediately and not to wait for the construction of a new wig for each patient. In addition, recognizing the importance of body image for patients, Alma Zois gives to women the opportunity to try on ready-made wigs, choose the wig that makes them feel better and get it for free.

How can I be sure that my hair and / or the donations of "Donate Strength" will be used to provide a wig to patients?

“Alma Zois” Association collects all the hair donations at its offices, located at 11 Ipirou Street in the center of Athens.

At any time you can come to visit us and watch the hair collection process.

Also, during the program, data regarding the number of women who received the wig are published .

Finally, “Alma Zois” is under audit by the certified auditors of Deloitte for all its programs and activities.

What wigs do you give through the program?

For the service of as many patients as possible, Alma Zois provides the opportunity to every woman to get the wig of her choice for free, costing up to 744 €. This amount is set as an average price for a quality wig that will cover the patient’s need. Every woman who addresses the program chooses the wig that suits her best.

Can I cut my hair and make a wig for my loved one from it?

This is something we do not know, but it is definitely something that is not done through “Donate Strength” program, as the mechanism of hair donation is completely different. In order for a patient to benefit and get a wig from “Donate Strength” it is not necessary for someone they know to have donated hair. The only criteria for a female patient to benefit from the program are social and financial. For this case you can contact wig specialists.