-How should I talk to my children for what is happening?

-I am scared...

-My mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. How should I behave?

-How is my life goint to be from now on?

-My wife does not talk to me. What should I do?

-I am worried about my future...

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What is the Helpline for breast cancer patients?

The Helpline for breast cancer patients of Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” is a confidential source of information that aims to give answers to women’s with breast cancer experience problems as well as to help them deal with their concerns regarding their diagnosis and management of the disease.

Who responds to the Helpine for breast cancer patients?

A psychologist – psychotherapist, a social worker or a trained volunteer of “Alma Zois” Association (woman with breast cancer experience) will respond to the helpline.

What kind of help can I get through the Helpline?

Respecting the personality and needs of women with breast cancer or their relatives, we provide psychological support as long as it is needed.
Each phone call can last up to one hour, like a psycho therapeutic session. It is also possible to schedule phone appointments.
Furthermore, we can provide information about benefits provided by Greek insurance bodies, facilities provided by public services for women with breast cancer as well as labor and pension rights.

Who can call the Helpine?

Every woman with breast cancer, anywhere in Greece can call the Alma Zois’ Helpline. However, breast cancer also affects the patient’s family, work and her every day life generally. We are here to discuss with your partner, kids or even friends who have questions and concerns.

What days and hours can we call the Helpline?

The support line runs form Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.
*Urban Charge

The program is funded by the net revenues of Greece Race for the Cure®.

The Helpline Psychologist listens, advises, supports the woman, helps her to manage her feelings, thoughts, worries, anxieties and fears. It also informs her about labor rights and social benefits. Love, support, hope, even over the phone, wherever you are, for you, the only one.


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