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A mobile app for every woman with metastatic breast cancer

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Mobile app: MY alma

A mobile application for every woman with metastatic breast cancer

If you are a woman with metastatic breast cancer, we have made a tool to have information and support… in your hand.

We know that the diagnosis of metastasis is a fact that brings many changes in the lives of patients and can create a new reality.

Guided by the needs of patients with metastatic breast cancer, the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” has created a mobile app that aims to become a useful tool for every woman with metastatic breast cancer.
The main axes for the design of the application are the information of the women with metastatic breast cancer on the issues that concern them, their support through useful practical tips for their daily life and the communication with support structures.
Through the app, women with metastatic breast cancer have the opportunity to be informed about the latest medical data, points of interest such as Hospitals, Health Structures and Pain Clinics, to receive useful tips for managing their emotions and the side effects of their treatment, to set goals that improve their quality of life and see suggestions for improving their life.

The mobile app “MY alma” is designed for both Android and IOS mobile devices and is already available, completely free of charge from Google play and the Appstore.

The Mobile app “My Alma” is implemented with the support of the international SPARC award given to “Alma Zois” through the collaboration of the Association for International Cancer Control (UICC) and Pfizer Inc.

Scientific supervision: Oncology Clinic of the University of Thessaly

"My alma" features

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Create a profile

Create your own profile and live the personalized “MY alma” experience.

By creating your profile, you have access to additional functions, such as the emo-meter, the “My body” function and the target system, while ensuring that the
information you receive through the application will be personalized.



Empowerment and emotion management system, with improvement tips, through the simple question “How do you feel today?”

Answer the question “How do you feel today” by choosing one of the basic emotions included in the emo-meter. You will have a simple tip to improve your mood.


My body

Monitoring of your physical condition and suggestions for its improvement through the simple question “How do you feel physically?”

Answer how you feel physically by choosing between simple answers. In an interactive way, the application will inform you about the possible causes of each condition, will give you simple tips to feel better or will suggest you to contact your doctor!


My goals

A system of goals related to healthy habits with reward for every “achievement” that improves the quality of life

Set your own goals for gentle exercise, alcohol consumption, improving your diet and quitting smoking.
The app will reward you for every step you take towards healthier choices that can contribute substantially to your quality of life.


Empowerment message wall

It is very important to know that we are not alone in this adventure.

Anyone with the app can send their own message of strength and hope, which appears on a wall of empowerment.



Organize your everyday tasks and get informed for interesting events!

“My alma” app calendar allows us to note important tasks that we should not forget, such as our medical appointments, reminders about our treatments and anything else that we should not forget, for the better organization of daily life.
At the same time, in “Alma Zois'” calendar , important events of the Association are posted so that we can participate in them if we wish.



Medical articles, news and tips so and topics of interest are constantly updated.


Videos – Podcasts

Watch informative videos with simple yoga exercises for home, with mindfulness techniques and emotion management tips.


Points of Interest

An updated registry of the nearest points that women with metastatic breast cancer may need, with a map, access instructions and contact information.
The feature includes Hospitals, Pain Clinics, Breast Cancer Stores.



Simple “translation” of medical terminology

We know that medical terminology may be difficult for most of us to understand, makes communication difficult, and creates insecurity. A brief list translates in simple words the most common terms used by doctors for breast cancer.


Side effects record

A brief explanation of the side effects that may be associated with the treatments and active substances.

Even in the most difficult moments, something good can come out

No matter how many times you come, I will always get up

The pain you feel today is the strength you will have tomorrow