“Reach to Recovery” peer support to women with breast cancer 

In Alma Zois, we know how important it is for a breast cancer patient to meet with another woman that has experienced breast cancer years ago. 

For this reason, mental health professionals of Alma Zois, according to the to the standards of the corresponding International “Reach to Recovery” peer support program, train breast cancer patients that are willing to voluntarily offer emotional support and practical assistance to other women currently facing the same challenge in Breast Cancer Clinics at numerous hospitals.

Reach to Recovery goals

  • Emotional Support
  • Practical assistance

Principles of Reach to Recovery

A woman that has experienced breast cancer offer their time and personal experience to help and support another woman that faces the same challenge. 

  • Women that have undergone a breast surgery can receive help and relief in the first difficult days after their surgery, after a conversation with other women that had the same experience years ago and are now living their life normally.
  • The program is based on face to face communication of breast cancer patients with a specially trained volunteer that had the same experiencee, years ago.
  • The common experience ensures true understanding and the training makes communication meaningful.
  • The volunteer, with her presence and attitude, is a positive role model of rehabilitation and quality reactivation of the patient.

How can I get help through “Reach to Recover” program?

If you want to get in touch with a woman who had the same experience with you years ago, please call 210 41 800 06.
Association’s mental health professional will try to find the volunteer that best fits your profile.

What to expect from my meeting with the Association’s volunteer?

You can have a face to face meeting with an Association’s volunteer immediately and in a confidential environment, in your hospital room, at Association’s headquarters or even by telephone.
In case of a face to face meeting, the volunteer will provide you printed informative material.

Reach to Recovery in Hospitals' Breast Cancer Clinics 

Once a week, consistently, Alma Zois' trained volunteers, breast cancer survivors, offer emotional support to other women with the same experience at the following Hospitals' Breast Cancer Clinics: IASO Hospital, Elena Venizelou Hospital, Metaxa Hospital, Metropolitan Hospital.

Telephone: 210 4180 016
Skype: Almazois_RRI

Due to the pandemic the program is carried out online and by phone

Days and Hours of operation:

  • IASO Hospital, Τuesday 10:30 -13:00
  • Elena Venizelou Hospital, Tuesday 10:30 -13:00
  • Metaxa Hospital, Thursday 10.30-13.00
  • Metropolitan Hospital, Thursday 10:30 -13:00

Contact info:

  • Telephone: 210 4180016
  • Skype: Almazois_RRI

The surgeons, Directors of Breast Units in the clinics that cooperate with the program are:

  • IASO Hospital: Grigoris Xepapadakis
  • Elena Venizelou Hospital: Panagiotis E. Daskalakis
  • Metaxa Hospital: Eleftheria V. Ignatiadou
  • Metropolitan Hospital: Vasilis Venizelos

Educational training for new volunteers

By volunteering you can offer emotional support and hope to women with the same experience. Furthermore, you can support Alma Zois’ programs and experience yourself unique moments of essential rewarding.

The training will be held every Tuesday 16.00-18.00 (12 meetings)
Max number of participants: 8 people.

Get informed about the conditions for participation in the educational seminar, contacting the Alma Zois’ Social Worker.

All Alma Zois' members have experienced breast cancer. Although each case is different, we share the same feelings and understand more than anyone what you are experiencing now. We faced the same practical difficulties in the past. We are here for you