Genetic Testing and Counseling for free

Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”, in collaboration with NCSR Demokritos, conducts free genetic testing and counseling for women who have already experienced breast cancer and meet the program’s medical criteria.
The program is oriented towards women with breast cancer and is funded by the net revenues of Greece Race for the Cure®.
Through the program, women with breast cancer experience can have free genetic testing for any gene mutation that can cause breast or ovarian cancer.
The program is provided to Association’s members who meet the necessary medical criteria free of charge.
Priority is given to unemployed women and women with annual income less than 12.000€.

Benefits from Genetic Testing and Counseling Program

Through the program, Alma Zois' members:

  • Get informed about genetic testing and its importance
  • If they meet specific criteria, they make an appointment with a geneticist where a detailed medical history is drawn
  • Have counseling with psychologist to look into their motivation and their psychological condition, as well as to assess how to manage the possible outcomes
  • Women who meet the criteria get the genetic testing free of charge
  • 3 family members of women who are found to be positive in genetic testing will be given the opportunity to have the test free of charge
  • After the result’s announcement women have a final session with the Association’s psychologist

Through the program we manage to:

  • Help women with breast cancer who meets the criteria for genetic testing to make the best decision for themselves (either by doing or not the test)
  • Cover test’s cost
  • Regulate test’s results and emotions that follow a positive result
  • Provide counseling / psychological support both to women and her family
  • Provide the best treatment options in case of a positive result

About Genetic Testing and Counseling

1.What is genetic testing and why is important?

Primarily, Genetic testing and counseling is a detailed medical history (3 generations long) in families with breast, ovarian or other type of cancer background.
Afterwards, genetic material is isolated from blood sample, in order that genes to be tested.
Genetic Testing is important to be done so that to determine if there is an explicit heredity regarding the specific type of cancer.
In other words, through genetic testing it is determined if children have inherited a mutation in any of the above genes from their parents. In addition, this information is important for both patients and their relatives.

2.To whom is it addressed?

The program is addressed to women with breast cancer experience who have breast, ovarian or other type of cancer history in their family. In addition, it is addressed to women who had experienced breast cancer before their forties, without a family cancer history.

3. What does a positive result mean for a woman who already had breast cancer?

A positive result for a woman who already had been diagnosed with breast cancer mean that:

  • She has inherited this diathesis from her parents
  • She has an additional important information to share with her oncologist, such as receptors and HER2
  • There is an increased chance to recrudesce cancer in the other breast or perhaps in the ovaries
  • If she has children (or other relatives) and in particular daughters, she may know which one has inherited the gene mutation that can cause breast or ovarian cancer
  • She has an important piece of information on hand that could help her overcome the problem


Genetic Counseling 2021

The program of genetic counseling and analysis continues in collaboration with NCSR Demokritos.
It is provided free of charge, upon selection, to 50 members of the Association who meet specific criteria, as defined below.

Applications and Selection Criteria


From 13 January 2021 to 28 February 2021, Monday to Friday, 10am. – 3μm,
by phone to the social worker of the Association, Mrs. Dionysia Liva, at 210 8815444.

# 1

40 genetic tests

40 genetic tests in patients-members of Alma Zois with breast cancer that meet the following criteria, hierarchically:

  1. Three (3) primary breast and / or ovarian cancers before the age of 50 in first and second degree relatives on the same side of the family (provided that the examinee has breast cancer)
  2. Young age of diagnosis of invasive breast cancer before the age of 40, regardless of family history.

It is noted that all women who meet the criterion (a) will be selected and if the applications are not completed, women who meet the criterion (b) will be screened, based on histopathological diagnoses, family history and socio-economic criteria.

Applications for participation can be submitted by women members of the Association who meet specific criteria.

# 2

10 genetic tests

10 genetic tests in patients diagnosed with triple-negative metastatic breast cancer under the age of 60 who are in the first line of treatment (according to the application, the simultaneous presentation of a referral by the treating physician is required)

The selection will be made according to a strict order of priority.

Applications are completed by completing the first 10 positions of the program.

In total, according to #1 and #2, 50 genetic tests will be performed.

For women who test positive for the gene, it is possible to have 3 extra members of their family tested for free.
All diagnoses must be confirmed by the corresponding histological report.
Important: The fulfillment of the above criteria is a condition for submitting an application to participate in the program but does not discount its selection.

All personal data, as well as the results of the genetic test, will remain confidential.

I am here, because "Alma Zois" association gave me the opportunity to do the genetic test for free. The results of the genetic test are a very important piece of information for me and my family! I believe with the right guidance of my doctor I can prevent the recurrence of cancer


Breast cancer survivor