I know therefore i decide: Free educational seminars on breast cancer

The Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer "Alma Zois" is aware of the questions that women with breast cancer experience and provides them with valid scientific information through the "I know therefore i decide" educational seminars.

Every woman with breast cancer needs to be informed about all issues concerning her health. Valid & reliable information contributes to participation in decision making, "compliance" with medical instructions, correction of misconceptions that cause anxiety, as well as increasing internal control.

For these reasons, Alma Zois organizes the educational seminars for women who have experienced breast cancer. Participants have the opportunity to receive valid and reliable information, as well as to talk face-to-face with an expert about the issues that concern them.

The aim of the "I know therefore i decide"  seminars

The aim of the seminars is to provide responsible information and guidance that will ensure a better quality of life during and after the breast cancer experience. Distinguished scientists and professionals specialised in breast cancer discuss aspects of the disease.

When are the educational seminars being held?

The programme is held online through the zoom platform, giving patients from all over Greece the opportunity to take part.

The "I know therefore i decide" educational seminars take place on selected Wednesdays, with a maximum duration of 2 hours.

The seminars are free to attend and any woman who has experienced breast cancer can register to participate.

Who can participate in the "I know therefore i decide" seminars?

The program is aimed exclusively at women who have experienced breast cancer.
Recognizing that knowledge is power, Alma Zois invites any woman who has experienced breast cancer to receive in depth information on the issues that affect her.

How do I register?

Registration is available exclusively online by clicking on the link next to the seminar of your choice and opens one week prior to the scheduled seminar.

Maximum number of participants: 100

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Should I change my diet after my breast cancer adventure?

What will happen to my sex life?

Through the seminars "I know therefore i decide"

More than 4000 women have already been informed for issues that concern them